In his exalted name we trust!

According to remarkable economical growth of Southeastern countries of Asia in industry and commerce, especially China which is considered to be the biggest exporting country and also has great amount of imports, Margon Green Company has initiated commercial relationships with china for nearly 10 years and has achieved valuable experiences in these commerical relationships.
Margon Green Trade Company has established and registered official offices in China, Hong-Kong, Guangzhou and also in Iran, Tehran and Mashhad. This company has had close relationship with other companies of other cities and countries; therefore it has been able to create a direct relationship with Chinese and Iranian Companies, which plays an important role in commercial scope.
It is worth mentioning that Guangzhou city is the third biggest industrial city of China which is located in Guandong province and this province has the maximum amount of exports in China.
Through getting use of Chinese and Iranian experts who are fluent in Persian, Chinese and English languages and through owning especial skills which are required based on the needs of clients, Margon Green Company has been able to make a close and intimate relationship between buyers and suppliers.
From the basic activities of this Company other than importing, we can mention marketing and exporting Iranian goods especially minerals such as iron ore and Stone , also exporting different medicinal plants, chicken paw and different kinds of fishes.
Many American and European Companies have either a manufacturing unit or an official representative office in China, therefore due to the fact that making relationship with these Companies is difficult or mostly impossible for Iranian companies, our company can be considered as a Chinese company for creating this relationship and fulfilling the needs of Iranian clients.
One of the major problems of Iranian traders and manufacturers is transferring dollar for sold or purchased goods, hence due to complexity of these operations through bank systems, Margon Green Company has created cooperation with reliable and official currency exchange companies and has been able to solve this problem.
For many times it has been observed that Iranian businessmen have been trying to provide their required goods through websites, but after receiving their goods they have realized that those Websites have been giving untrue information and they have been cheated and forced huge losses.
Therefore, through our office in China, you can reach the original and first-hand factories of China; also in this case you can make a direct relationship with Chinese currency exchange companies. In this way Iranian traders and businessmen can purchase their required goods with safety and security. Therefore our company undertakes all purchasing process from visiting production lines and selling units to negotiations, making contracts and sending the goods to Iran.
Margon Green Trade Co. is the only representative of Chinese official company in Iran which evaluates the reliability of all Chinese companies and factories, and not only verifies or rejects their reliabilities but also based on the needs of the clients, provides them with accurate information.
With presenting respect to all companies which are dealing with this industry and with great hope of improving Iran’s economy in the world, we are ready to initiate cooperation to achieve these purposes.

Margon Green Trade Co.