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According to Southeast Asian countries, especially China's significance in the field of production and trade ,Margon Green Trading Company its trade relations with the country, started many years ago, And with the opening of its offices in Guangzhou, China, Tehran and Mashhad, and Cooperation with Chinese companies using Chinese experts, Persian and English language skills relevant to industry and commerce, Provide consulting services, trade, marketing, transportation, and manufacturing of all companies and units of our country and other countries have.

List some of the Margon services

1. The achievement of the main centers of production and sales.
2. Negotiation, orders, contracts, purchasing and shipment to anywhere.
3. Agency for Chinese goods.
4. Marketing and export of Iranian goods in China.
5. Attract foreign investment.
6. Purchase of machinery and production lines.
7. Advice and Foreign Commercial Service.
8. Exhibitions in China, specialized tours.
9. Exchange.
10. Transport Services.
11. Advice and service presence iranian company in the Chinese exhibit.